One Word for 2013-Listen

After reading posts from my fellow WAHM bloggers about their one word for 2013, I was enlightened to come up with my own.

One word to live by? For 365 days? That sounds a little bit arduous, isn’t it?

Through a few minutes of contemplation for several days, I finally ended up with one and that is to

Listen with your heart and not with your ears.

Out of the thousands words I can choose from, why this?

I actually based it from past events in my life. I reviewed the previous years that passed and a lot of things have come to realization.

  “What others have to say is not important for as long as I am happy”, is what I always tell myself every time I know that I am on the wrong track. A defense mechanism, perhaps. A few of you might be able to relate to this but is this really right? Yes. Maybe I am happy, but how long is this going to last? Right there and then, I already knew the answer but I didn’t bother to listen. Why? Because truth hurts and I want to save myself from that pain.

I also recalled how simple conversations result to an argument every time me and my husband talk. I always start the yelling because I don’t know how to listen. I always want things my way. I’ll only listen to what I want to hear. Often than not, I become very domineering. I never thought of his pride.

Children are also part of this post. Have you ever been in a situation that you got so furious when a toddler or someone younger than you told you something and it has really affected you? For the reason that they’re telling the truth? It happens, right? Maybe once, twice or even more than that. Children are usually the source of truth. In one way or another, their innocent words hit us straight to our face, and what’s better way to defend ourselves? To ignore them or to get furious.

With the help of silence, I came up with this word. This is the most important thing I have to do and I should have done long before, to LISTEN.  

To listen with my heart and not just with my ears.

To make my ears bigger than my mouth.

To listen to my husband.

To listen to children.

To listen in silence.

Most of all, to listen to God’s words. I believe that God will protect us from evil tongues for as long as we keep our faith strong.

If there’s so much to be heard, pause, reflect, then decide what you have to do.

How about you? What’s your word for 2013?


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