A Better Public Transport Experience

I can hardly remember the last time I took the MRT or LRT to get to my destination. And when I took it a while ago, I was dumbfounded!


Here’s the reason.

People are now more disciplined in terms of waiting and I can’t believe my own two eyes. They were now falling in line (that’s grammatically incorrect) as they were waiting for the train to arrive. (Okay. Don’t give me that raised eyebrow reaction as if I’m the last person to know this). The next scenario, as the doors shut open, will be kept secret. Haha.

Salute to the officers who implemented this and to the security guards who never get tired (maybe) of reminding people to fall in line (Okay. I said it again.)! Great job!

Let’s all move forward to a better Philippines! Let’s prove to everyone that it really is MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! :)


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