A Different Night

Eleven in the evening onwards is usually the most idle part of my day. Mainly because the energetic C is quietly recharging for the day ahead. To make these hours productive, I read blogs and get inspirations from other moms until my battery dies or my eyes start to feel heavy.Ā  Tonight was both peculiar and crazy!

My sister, Gladys, asked me to play word factory with her. Knowing that she doesn’t really have time for this because of the thick book bound cases she has to read, I agreed right away. We had four rounds and at the end I was declared the winner! Yahoo! šŸ™‚

Let me tell you the crazy part. As we were ticking off our common answers, we found ourselves rolling in laughter. This was the conversation:

G: May word ka ba na Pet/Pets? (Do you have the words pet/pets?)

Me: Meron ako pet pero walang pets! (I have the word pet, but not pets!)

Us: šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

That’s when the craziness began! That was so silly of me!Ā  If you can just imagine our reactions and heard the conversation then you would also find yourself laughing so hard.

This is just one of my favorite bonding time with my sisters and this gives me an idea to write posts about them! šŸ™‚

Let me end this post by leaving you with an amateur photo I’ve taken after our game.



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