Say, Thank You

How many times have we been in a situation that problems keep coming as if they’re in a race?

This happens and this is inevitable.

Time comes that I feel that I’m so unlucky and wish I was blessed with more than what I have. Yesterday is a perfect fit of having this kind of feeling. My checking account application was denied by several banks. My C got sick that I have to bring him to the doctor and, of course, I have to buy the medicines and a nebulizer (the machine itself). A person that I owe money to texted and told me he needs the money or else their electricity will get disconnected.

With all this coming, the first thing I did was to complain. Complain that the remaining money I should be using to open the checking account is now gone. What I didn’t realize is that I’m blessed. Blessed because I was able to buy all the medicines that C needs for the entire week. Blessed that I have the figure that I have to pay the doctor and the person I owe money to. Blessed because, at least, there’s still a little value left in the bank account. How can I be so selfish and complain when I have all these things?

I did a short reflection. Harsh situations really make us complain a lot. But, in times like this, all we have to do is to say Thank You for what we have and just ask for strength then everything will follow.

I know not a lot of verses from the bible to supplement this post. All I know is that I believe in Him and that He believes in us, too.


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  1. Aiya
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 17:17:00

    When you feel ungrateful of something think of five things you are grateful. 🙂


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