Breastfeeding Station Slash Family Lounge in Trinoma

For the entire 8 months that I’ve been breastfeeding Carlos, I never had the chance to take advantage of the breastfeeding station inside the malls. The first reason is that I rarely go to the mall and second I didn’t know which malls have breastfeeding station.

Last week, we went home to the province without a private transport. With the rising cost of petrol and toll fees, I decided to take the public transport. That also means I have to pray that Carlos won’t get hungry while we’re on the train or in the FX. I had no luck. We were two stations far from where we’re supposed to get off when Carlos started wailing and pulling my shirt. I already knew he wanted to be nursed. So we did everything to console him and the moment we got off of the train we rushed to Trinoma and to their breastfeeding station.

The only thing I was expecting to see in a breastfeeding station is a couch, sink or refrigerator. (Refrigerator????!! What for??!! Hahaha!) When we got to the lounge/station, I was really dumbfounded because it was way, way, way, way beyond my expectations.

Here are some raw photos I snapped of what’s inside the lounge.


The couch inside the breastfeeding room is really spacious. Spacious enough to accommodate three to four mommies. The dim lights are perfect to feel relaxed and soothe your baby. The room is also well-ventilated. The room itself is really spacious. You can even bring your baby’s stroller inside.


There are even cubicles for those who want a more private space while nursing their baby. There are three cubicles available. Inside is a  huge, comfortable couch and a foot rest. It’s also a great space to calm your baby. It’s also spacious that the stroller can fit inside. Too bad the lights were off. I wasn’t able to take a photo of what’s inside.


This is the sink where you can wash your hands before and after nursing your baby.


The lavatory is really clean and smells pleasant.


There are seats available if you simply want to stay in the lounge to relax or let time pass.

Honestly, there are a lot of things going on inside the lounge. There’s a wide screen TV mounted on the wall, two Mac computers for those who want to check their social media accounts, a charging station, a spot where the youngsters can play, couches, couches and couches for relaxation,  and a lot more.

Thumbs up also to the receptionist who was very friendly and accommodating.

I hope that all shopping malls will have something like this. In this case, breastfeeding moms will feel the freedom to visit the malls because they know there’s a place for them where they can nurse their babies privately and comfortably. I know that the photos I have did not give justice to this very beautiful space, but I hope I was able to convey what I wanted to convey.

I am not being MAARTE or what. It just feels good to know that you have your private spot in a public place. This makes me want to visit Trinoma more often. 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tyna
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 03:50:20

    wow, now i want to go to trinoma. this is by far the most beautiful and functional bfeeding area ive seen and believe me ive been to lots. ive seen SM’s, the ones at the airport and glorietta. thanks for sharing.


  2. Precy Chan
    Aug 23, 2013 @ 08:00:54

    I was able to use the nursing areas in the family lounge (this was where I was pointed to by the mall concierge girls when I inquired where I can breastfeed my baby), but I was flabbergasted that my eldest baby (3yrold) was not allowed to play in the play area, while waiting for me and her shoti.Yes, we are not A/VIPinoy card holders, but is it too much to allow a little girl to just play for a little while, while her baby brother is feeding? We got embarrassed at how both the concierge girl and the guard told us that the little cannot play. PEOPLE INSIDE THE LOUNGE WERE LOOKING AT US AS IF WE WERE SOME IGNORAMUS GATE CRASHERS! Again, we weren’t there for the FREE play (as my daughter is actually a member of an international play area and she can play at their world-class facilities to her heart’s content), because I just used the nursing area and my little girl should’ve been allowed to play for a little while. VERY DISAPPOINTING!


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