Rue de Lipahan: A Venue for your Spiritual Activities or Social Gatherings

After nine long years, it was only yesterday that I was able to join a recollection again. The church ministry that I am part of organised this activity and fused our summer activity as well. So we have to find a venue which will cater both of our plans. Not only that, we also need one that is near and offers reasonable rates.

Let me make things clear before I formally begin. I’m not here to detail our recollection or to chronicle what we did during our outing. I’m here to tell you about the venue we have chosen.

We chose a venue where nature is at its abundance. Where we can fully relax and  take a hiatus from the “stressful life” in Manila. A tranquil place. No clamor. No horns tooting. A place where the only sounds you hear are birds chirping, wind blowing, trees applauding, frogs croaking and other sounds produced by insects (I’ll be honest, our singing voice, too). Not too much concrete walls around you, only trees and plants shielding you. And a pool where we can put our summer outing plans in to action. With all of these things, wouldn’t it be easier to find yourself connecting to God and having fun, too? (I know you answered YES!)

Our chosen location is somewhere in Silang, Cavite. It’s name is Rue de Lipahan (Rue which is a french word for Street and Lipahan is the exact street where it is situated). It’s an estimate of 2 hours drive (without stop over) from Manila if you take Carmona exit. From Carmona, you’d start to feel the cool breeze on your way up to Silang, so it won’t be too much of inconvenience if you’re riding on a vehicle without air-condition. We left Manila, with the sun at its harshest point, at around 3 pm and arrived in Rue de Lipahan at around 5pm, now welcoming us with a cool breeze.

We were all astonished with how beautiful and peaceful the place was. Here are some photos I took and like to share. Please excuse my still bad photo taking skills.


This is what you’ll see from the small hall.

The small hall is open so your eyes can easily access the natural beauty around it.

The gazebo across the hall.

The gazebo across the hall.

Can you see the ladder at the right side? There’s actually a space where you can sleep up there. Truly something new if you have kids with you.

A tree house.

A tree house.

I always wanted a tree house since I was a kid. I believe every kids would want tree house of their own.

The mini pool.

The mini pool.

The pool is small and shallow (about 4 feet). Perfect for (not taller than 4 feet). But how would you like swimming in a pool surrounded by trees and where the sky is always visible? Perfect for waiting for a shooting star!


Your view from the second floor.

The pool and a huge area of fruit bearing trees, flowers and plants are visible from the second floor. Such a lovely sight, isn’t it?

Side shot of the house.

Side shot of the house.

 Just took a photo of the house whilst alone in the pool side.


Second Floor Bed Room #1


Second Floor Bed Room #2

There are actually three rooms. One in the ground floor (which I wasn’t able to take picture of because it was intended for our recollection master) and two in the second floor. All three rooms are fan rooms. There are also two T&Bs available for guest use.

Another thing I appreciated is that they do not provide wifi connection. I have been to another place where they do not provide this kind of connection and you can read about it here. We all know how a wifi connection can become a culprit and ruin your supposed to be “wonderful conversation” with the people you’re with. So please, don’t attempt to bring a pocket wifi.

They actually provide almost everything that guests would need. From kitchen stuff to bedroom stuff. And you can ask the housekeeper to buy for you in case there’s something else you need (like eggs, salt, canned goods, etc.) Be reasonable though, stores are very distant from the place itself.

Here are things, which I think, they have to improve. They are the following:

  • The pool. I wish they can make it bigger and deeper.
  • Provide more pillows and blankets.
  • Provide a more comfortable mattress.
  • Flying and crawling insects are everywhere (understood because of the numerous trees and plants around). Hopefully they can provide insect nets or led light mosquito killer (inside and outside of each rooms).
  •  A larger TV screen for videoke addicts (but with poor vision).

Here are also some suggestions in case you want to see and stay in this place yourself (which I hope you would).

  • Bring insect repellants.  Again, insects are everywhere. In your room, in the T&B, pool side, gazebo, hall, everywhere.
  • Bring extra pillows and blankets.
  • Bring everything that you need. Specially ingredients you need for cooking.
  • Bring your PJs. Avoid wearing short shorts especially at night. Aside from insects, it gets really cold at night.
  • Bring ear plugs. If you don’t want the frog croaking like a cow get into your nerves, then your ear plugs can be your best buddy.
  • You may bring tents if you want. We actually did and I slept in a tent for the first time. And I think it is better to sleep in a tent because it is sealed. 🙂 No insects can get in.

I am glad that the owners are open for suggestions and are in the process of expanding their facilities. (Not too many other structures, please).

Now you know why we have chosen this venue! You, too, can book your next social gathering here or your spiritual activities. For just P6,000.00, a maximum of 20 persons can enjoy the serenity and other activities this place has to offer. They could actually accommodate up to 40 heads but for a different price. I’m sure kids, adults and oldies will all have something to do here!

For more photos, bookings, and questions, you may visit and like their Facebook page:

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


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