Finding Solace Through a Private Retreat

There are times that our lives hit rock bottom. When our life is in a turmoil we run to people we knew who could help us. But there are situations when human words couldn’t even console us–and confuses us even more– thus, we turn to God.

Last week, I was in deep sadness. I talked to several people expressing how I feel and seeking for advices. I was worried about a lot of things. My mind’s cluttered that I couldn’t think straight anymore, and I feel that, I am already becoming irrational with my decisions. While the people I talked to helped me in a lot of way, I just can’t find peace.

Being in this situation for a week, I realised I needed to retreat–ALONE. I needed to find solace–not from humans but from God.

I didn’t have a difficult time looking for a place to go. I already knew where I want to go–in Oasis of Prayer. I learned about this place during my recollection with my church mates and it seemed like I was meant to discover this place because it eventually became my refuge.

In my room, I knelt, I prayed and I talked to God. I spent my days praying and asking God for answers. I also took a walk while releasing my load and marveling God’s blessings through the nature surrounding me. In some occasions, I silently read Nick Vujicic’s book “Life Without Limits”. I was taciturn almost the entire time. Although there were three groups having their retreat, that didn’t bother me.

On my second day, which fell on a Sunday (and Mother’s Day, too), I heard the Holy Mass. The priest was high-spirited during the Holy Mass and I felt God relaying his messages to me through the priest’s sermon. While the Holy Mass was on-going I can’t help but to murmur “Thank You.”  That certain Mass was extra special to me because of the chapel’s structure and the choir playing cello and violin (I find these instruments very soothing and it was also my first time to hear mass with these instruments present).

Below is a photo of the chapel’s altar.


The Chapel’s Altar

Before I left, I confessed and the priest was open enough to hear my thoughts. I actually felt that God was talking to me directly through the priest’s person. Right after my confession and conversation with the priest, I felt completely unloaded from my burdens.

Finally, I found SOLACE.

My dear friends, my private retreat made me realise a lot of things and made me spiritually stronger. Even I was alone I did not feel lonely. Being alone made it easier for me to surrender in God’s loving arms. Honestly, some part of my retreat was scary because my room was isolated from the rest of the cottages where the big groups were but I fought that feeling.

I’d like to recommend for you to go on a private retreat whether you have problems or not. This way, you can reassess and realign yourself with your values and goals in life.

Thanks for dropping by.


P.S. Here are some photos of Oasis of Prayer


Group gatherings can be held here. It can hold up to (approximately) 100 people.


Another hall where group retreat can be conducted. Can also hold up to (approximately) 100 people.


This hall is also used for prayer meetings and spiritual talks.


Seats beside the Chapel. This is where you do your confession. This is where I confessed.


Picture of the altar from the left side window of the Chapel.


The dining hall.


My Panorama Shots

2014-05-10 17.06.53

2014-05-10 17.28.37

2014-05-10 17.29.18

SAMSUNGThe only things I brought with me along with my clothes. Rosary. Notepad. Nick’s Book.

Rate for individual retreat is P1,000.00. Includes lodging, three meals and snacks.


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