Finding Solace Through a Private Retreat

There are times that our lives hit rock bottom. When our life is in a turmoil we run to people we knew who could help us. But there are situations when human words couldn’t even console us–and confuses us even more– thus, we turn to God.

Last week, I was in deep sadness. I talked to several people expressing how I feel and seeking for advices. I was worried about a lot of things. My mind’s cluttered that I couldn’t think straight anymore, and I feel that, I am already becoming irrational with my decisions. While the people I talked to helped me in a lot of way, I just can’t find peace.

Being in this situation for a week, I realised I needed to retreat–ALONE. I needed to find solace–not from humans but from God.

I didn’t have a difficult time looking for a place to go. I already knew where I want to go–in Oasis of Prayer. I learned about this place during my recollection with my church mates and it seemed like I was meant to discover this place because it eventually became my refuge.

In my room, I knelt, I prayed and I talked to God. I spent my days praying and asking God for answers. I also took a walk while releasing my load and marveling God’s blessings through the nature surrounding me. In some occasions, I silently read Nick Vujicic’s book “Life Without Limits”. I was taciturn almost the entire time. Although there were three groups having their retreat, that didn’t bother me.

On my second day, which fell on a Sunday (and Mother’s Day, too), I heard the Holy Mass. The priest was high-spirited during the Holy Mass and I felt God relaying his messages to me through the priest’s sermon. While the Holy Mass was on-going I can’t help but to murmur “Thank You.”  That certain Mass was extra special to me because of the chapel’s structure and the choir playing cello and violin (I find these instruments very soothing and it was also my first time to hear mass with these instruments present).

Below is a photo of the chapel’s altar.


The Chapel’s Altar

Before I left, I confessed and the priest was open enough to hear my thoughts. I actually felt that God was talking to me directly through the priest’s person. Right after my confession and conversation with the priest, I felt completely unloaded from my burdens.

Finally, I found SOLACE.

My dear friends, my private retreat made me realise a lot of things and made me spiritually stronger. Even I was alone I did not feel lonely. Being alone made it easier for me to surrender in God’s loving arms. Honestly, some part of my retreat was scary because my room was isolated from the rest of the cottages where the big groups were but I fought that feeling.

I’d like to recommend for you to go on a private retreat whether you have problems or not. This way, you can reassess and realign yourself with your values and goals in life.

Thanks for dropping by.


P.S. Here are some photos of Oasis of Prayer


Group gatherings can be held here. It can hold up to (approximately) 100 people.


Another hall where group retreat can be conducted. Can also hold up to (approximately) 100 people.


This hall is also used for prayer meetings and spiritual talks.


Seats beside the Chapel. This is where you do your confession. This is where I confessed.


Picture of the altar from the left side window of the Chapel.


The dining hall.


My Panorama Shots

2014-05-10 17.06.53

2014-05-10 17.28.37

2014-05-10 17.29.18

SAMSUNGThe only things I brought with me along with my clothes. Rosary. Notepad. Nick’s Book.

Rate for individual retreat is P1,000.00. Includes lodging, three meals and snacks.


1 Bedroom Condominium Unit for Sale

Hello! Thanks for dropping by! As you know, I’m selling my condominium unit.

Here are the details:

Project and Location: SMDC Light Residences (along Boni EDSA)

Unit B022506

approximately 27.37 sqm.

Fully furnished 1 Bedroom with Balcony which includes the following:

Living Room
1pc Sofa
1pc side table
1pc LCD TV
1pc DVD player

Dining Room
1pc Dining table
Dining chairs

1pc 2 burner electric Cooktop
1pc Rangehood
1pc Refrigerator
1 set overhead and under counter kitchen cabinets

1pc double bed with frame, mattress and bedsheet
1pc wardrobe closet
2pcs pillows with pillowcase
1pc 1.5HP Aircon

1pc water closet
1pc lavatory
1oc soap holder
1pc tissue holder
1pc towel bar
1pc shower glass enclosure
1pc facial mirror
1pc laundry clothesline

This is for turnover during the first quarter of 2015.

The total contract price is 2,810,520.00

Monthly due is 8535.07 from April 2012 until September 2014 (This is the down payment only) and the payments are up to date. The remaining balance after the down payment has been completed is 2,529,468.00. This amount is loanable from the bank or could be paid through in-house finance.

Payment terms and total amount to be paid is negotiable.

For further questions, you may text or call me at 09327767856 (sun) or e-mail me at

Note: This is not the actual unit.

Breastfeeding Station Slash Family Lounge in Trinoma

For the entire 8 months that I’ve been breastfeeding Carlos, I never had the chance to take advantage of the breastfeeding station inside the malls. The first reason is that I rarely go to the mall and second I didn’t know which malls have breastfeeding station.

Last week, we went home to the province without a private transport. With the rising cost of petrol and toll fees, I decided to take the public transport. That also means I have to pray that Carlos won’t get hungry while we’re on the train or in the FX. I had no luck. We were two stations far from where we’re supposed to get off when Carlos started wailing and pulling my shirt. I already knew he wanted to be nursed. So we did everything to console him and the moment we got off of the train we rushed to Trinoma and to their breastfeeding station.

The only thing I was expecting to see in a breastfeeding station is a couch, sink or refrigerator. (Refrigerator????!! What for??!! Hahaha!) When we got to the lounge/station, I was really dumbfounded because it was way, way, way, way beyond my expectations.

Here are some raw photos I snapped of what’s inside the lounge.


The couch inside the breastfeeding room is really spacious. Spacious enough to accommodate three to four mommies. The dim lights are perfect to feel relaxed and soothe your baby. The room is also well-ventilated. The room itself is really spacious. You can even bring your baby’s stroller inside.


There are even cubicles for those who want a more private space while nursing their baby. There are three cubicles available. Inside is a  huge, comfortable couch and a foot rest. It’s also a great space to calm your baby. It’s also spacious that the stroller can fit inside. Too bad the lights were off. I wasn’t able to take a photo of what’s inside.


This is the sink where you can wash your hands before and after nursing your baby.


The lavatory is really clean and smells pleasant.


There are seats available if you simply want to stay in the lounge to relax or let time pass.

Honestly, there are a lot of things going on inside the lounge. There’s a wide screen TV mounted on the wall, two Mac computers for those who want to check their social media accounts, a charging station, a spot where the youngsters can play, couches, couches and couches for relaxation,  and a lot more.

Thumbs up also to the receptionist who was very friendly and accommodating.

I hope that all shopping malls will have something like this. In this case, breastfeeding moms will feel the freedom to visit the malls because they know there’s a place for them where they can nurse their babies privately and comfortably. I know that the photos I have did not give justice to this very beautiful space, but I hope I was able to convey what I wanted to convey.

I am not being MAARTE or what. It just feels good to know that you have your private spot in a public place. This makes me want to visit Trinoma more often. 🙂

Pretty Trash Bin

Two weeks ago, the beau and I went to Bonifacio Global City to make use of the vouchers we’ve won from Deal Dozen.

Being a non-BGC baby is quite a disadvantage for both of us because we have to be on our feet for like 10 minutes. Good thing that Mr. Sun wasn’t very harsh that time. 🙂

So, as we were walking, we met this!


It caught my attention because it really looked nice!

Just imagine how beautiful Metro can be if all trash bins will look like this!

Money & Time Saving Tips (When Renewing a License)

Time is GOLD so as your MONEY. Every day, we have to make a conscious effort to save even just a few coins and our precious time. At the end of the year, you’d be surprise at how much your piggy bank contains.

Last Monday, I had the chance to visit one of the renewal centers of LTO (Land Transportation Office). I am so glad that there’s one nearby where I reside! Yipppeeee! 🙂

Despite its proximity, I still wasn’t able to save money and, sad to say, time. That’s why I came up with this post to serve as a reminder to those who are about to take the same process and to myself, too.

First. Renew your license (or any document that needs renewal) before it expires.

It won’t hurt to check your license’s expiration date and make a list of their dates where you get constantly reminded. Most of the time, the expiration falls on your birthday. In my case, I was so dumb not to notice that my license had expired. It was only when the bank teller asked me to present another valid I.D. that I realized it. If only I knew it before it has expired, then I would have saved 75.00 (even more for other licenses).

Second. Bring your own pen.

It has not been my habit to bring a pen with me every time I leave home (at least when I finished studying). So this goes to those who have the same habit. You have two options in case you find yourself not having an ink. One, spot a person who has a pen or wait for the person next to you finish filling that application sheet. Two, go buy a pen worth 10 to 20 pesos which is actually only 5 pesos when bought from a local store. Both of these are waste of time and money. It doesn’t have to be your fountain pen, you know? Next time you need to renew or apply for a license, bring a pen and save 20.00 and 5 minutes.

Third. Bring candies and biscuits.

You’d never know how long the queue is or how quick the teller functions. So better bring with you something to silently munch on while waiting for your turn. This will save you from buying those 25 to 100 pesos worth of snacks, especially if the booth is located inside the mall.

Fourth. Bring a small bottle of water.

This is very important if you’ll be renewing your license that requires drug test or urine sample  (like the driver’s license). If possible, drink water on your way there so that you’re ready to pee anytime the specimen needs to be collected. This lets you save 30 to 40 minutes of your time (if you’ll go there not having the urge) plus 25 to 30.00 for not buying bottled water from the booth.

Fifth. Have all important digits written down on a paper or saved on your mobile phone.

Different agencies have different identification number. Of course, we can’t expect ourselves to have everything memorized. So make sure that you keep a copy of the list of these myriad number combination inside your wallet or on your phone so that you’re ready to write it down any time the form requires it. This will save you like 10 to 20 minutes by not calling your house help or relatives at home and start rummaging your file for those digits that you need. It’s also going to save you like 10 pesos if you’re not on unlimited call.

Sixth. If all possible, renew your license at the same time you need to buy something from the mall or do the grocery.

Again, this is applicable, most especially, for renewal centers located inside the mall. This will save you a range of 10 to 100 pesos, even more than that, depending on the location of the center. Imagine if you will do it on two separate days, then that would mean you have to spend money for your fare or gas. While waiting for the result, you can start ticking off the items on your grocery list, and for sure, once your done, your license is ready to go and that saved you time.

To sum it all up, this saves you almost 1 to 2 hours and 100 to 300 pesos. That’s already a box of treats for the kids or for family members.  All steps might not be necessary but I hope you still find them helpful and thoughtful! 🙂

Is there anything you want to add here? Feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

To Trash or Not to Trash?

I’ve never been a fan of branded bags! Okay, I’m a liar! I really am, but I just can’t afford it! Haha! 🙂

I’ve never really had a very expensive bag. Expensive, for me, is when it goes more than P2000.00. Perhaps, the most expensive bag I had was an Adidas Sports Bag.

Okay, now I’m caught in a dilemma. I have these bags for more than two years now and the leather finally gave up. I’m thinking of what to do with it. Of course, I can’t use it any more as it looks like this.


Doesn’t look aesthetic at all, eh?

Neither do I want to throw it away. I don’t want our poor Mother Earth carry another pile of unwanted bags.

Any idea on what to do with these bags? Give your suggestions in the comments field. 🙂

Say, Thank You

How many times have we been in a situation that problems keep coming as if they’re in a race?

This happens and this is inevitable.

Time comes that I feel that I’m so unlucky and wish I was blessed with more than what I have. Yesterday is a perfect fit of having this kind of feeling. My checking account application was denied by several banks. My C got sick that I have to bring him to the doctor and, of course, I have to buy the medicines and a nebulizer (the machine itself). A person that I owe money to texted and told me he needs the money or else their electricity will get disconnected.

With all this coming, the first thing I did was to complain. Complain that the remaining money I should be using to open the checking account is now gone. What I didn’t realize is that I’m blessed. Blessed because I was able to buy all the medicines that C needs for the entire week. Blessed that I have the figure that I have to pay the doctor and the person I owe money to. Blessed because, at least, there’s still a little value left in the bank account. How can I be so selfish and complain when I have all these things?

I did a short reflection. Harsh situations really make us complain a lot. But, in times like this, all we have to do is to say Thank You for what we have and just ask for strength then everything will follow.

I know not a lot of verses from the bible to supplement this post. All I know is that I believe in Him and that He believes in us, too.

A Different Night

Eleven in the evening onwards is usually the most idle part of my day. Mainly because the energetic C is quietly recharging for the day ahead. To make these hours productive, I read blogs and get inspirations from other moms until my battery dies or my eyes start to feel heavy.  Tonight was both peculiar and crazy!

My sister, Gladys, asked me to play word factory with her. Knowing that she doesn’t really have time for this because of the thick book bound cases she has to read, I agreed right away. We had four rounds and at the end I was declared the winner! Yahoo! 🙂

Let me tell you the crazy part. As we were ticking off our common answers, we found ourselves rolling in laughter. This was the conversation:

G: May word ka ba na Pet/Pets? (Do you have the words pet/pets?)

Me: Meron ako pet pero walang pets! (I have the word pet, but not pets!)

Us: 😀 😀 😀

That’s when the craziness began! That was so silly of me!  If you can just imagine our reactions and heard the conversation then you would also find yourself laughing so hard.

This is just one of my favorite bonding time with my sisters and this gives me an idea to write posts about them! 🙂

Let me end this post by leaving you with an amateur photo I’ve taken after our game.


One Word for 2013-Listen

After reading posts from my fellow WAHM bloggers about their one word for 2013, I was enlightened to come up with my own.

One word to live by? For 365 days? That sounds a little bit arduous, isn’t it?

Through a few minutes of contemplation for several days, I finally ended up with one and that is to

Listen with your heart and not with your ears.

Out of the thousands words I can choose from, why this?

I actually based it from past events in my life. I reviewed the previous years that passed and a lot of things have come to realization.

  “What others have to say is not important for as long as I am happy”, is what I always tell myself every time I know that I am on the wrong track. A defense mechanism, perhaps. A few of you might be able to relate to this but is this really right? Yes. Maybe I am happy, but how long is this going to last? Right there and then, I already knew the answer but I didn’t bother to listen. Why? Because truth hurts and I want to save myself from that pain.

I also recalled how simple conversations result to an argument every time me and my husband talk. I always start the yelling because I don’t know how to listen. I always want things my way. I’ll only listen to what I want to hear. Often than not, I become very domineering. I never thought of his pride.

Children are also part of this post. Have you ever been in a situation that you got so furious when a toddler or someone younger than you told you something and it has really affected you? For the reason that they’re telling the truth? It happens, right? Maybe once, twice or even more than that. Children are usually the source of truth. In one way or another, their innocent words hit us straight to our face, and what’s better way to defend ourselves? To ignore them or to get furious.

With the help of silence, I came up with this word. This is the most important thing I have to do and I should have done long before, to LISTEN.  

To listen with my heart and not just with my ears.

To make my ears bigger than my mouth.

To listen to my husband.

To listen to children.

To listen in silence.

Most of all, to listen to God’s words. I believe that God will protect us from evil tongues for as long as we keep our faith strong.

If there’s so much to be heard, pause, reflect, then decide what you have to do.

How about you? What’s your word for 2013?

Mommy Nurse

Back in 2009, I received my diploma in Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I was one of those who got freed from sleepless nights due to manifold of reasons. That didn’t end there, we have another verdict to face–the BOARD EXAM. Finally, a few months after taking the examination, the result was publicized. All my hard work bore its second fruit, a PRC license that says, “Registered Nurse”. Wohooo! My name will now be longer by two letters! 🙂

Along with me were thousands of other new registered nurses and we’re ready to add up to the existing number of nurses–employed, unemployed and underemployed. Now, after four years, I wonder where and how their career are doing. These are the three possible things I can think of:

A. They’ve found their place in the greener pasture and may already have the titles USRN, AURN, CRN, after their names.

B. Currently staying in the Philippines and are humble enough to accept their remuneration. (some will stay here but some will eventually leave in search of better remuneration)

C. Currently employed but not as a nurse. Probably a call center agent, medical representative, ESL teacher, etc.

I’ve been to both B and C, but my biggest dream is to get to A, for better compensation, perhaps. Now, that I have my little one, I find it difficult and heartbreaking to leave. The thought of not being able to hug my family, be with them on special events, missing my baby’s first words, steps, birthday and other important things really bring me to tears. Yes, more money definitely means a more comfortable life, but am I really to sacrifice the best things in life?

At this very moment, I want to say thank you to our Heavenly Father for giving my family the gift of abundance straight from our home. I am so blessed to be able to work from home and watch after my C at the same time. I may not have been able to practice my profession for a long time, but I am really grateful that God brought me to where I am right now.

A long road is ahead of us. There will be people and circumstances that will make our journey smooth flowing and some that will make it treacherous. Whenever these thoughts come into my mind, I pray to God to keep my family strong and together, no matter what we have to go through.

In the long run, I realized that I didn’t just throw my profession away. The hard work I exerted for four long years and the knowledge I gained didn’t become stagnant. Everything I know, everything I learned, I practice it by applying it to C and the rest of the family and this what makes me a Mommy Nurse.

How about you? Are you also a Mommy Nurse? What profession do you have? Did you have to give it up or did you choose to pursue your dreams? I want to hear and be inspired by you.

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