Vacation in Bali Batangas

While it’s still more than two weeks before the Holy Week, hubby and I and some good old friends decided to have a vacation. Last March 7-8, 2013 were the most relaxing two days of my life. Yes, it was relaxing indeed, even if we brought Carlos with us.

With all these “deals” site mushrooming it’s so hard to resist temptation not to buy vouchers. This time around, we got ours at Deal Grocer and we didn’t regret buying it! The voucher says “Experience Bali in Batangas: Terrace Villa for Four.” It’s original price is P11,550 ($288.50) but we were able to get it at P8,660 ($216.50)! Great deal, eh?

If you really want to have a genuine vacation then, I highly recommend this place! I am no expert but I know how to appreciate beauty! Rooms don’t have television nor an iPod dock nor wi-fi. Just a bed, a cabinet and a door to your private bathroom. This is to truly let you hook yourself to the many of the activities you can do whilst there. Though this place really looks like one of my dream rest house or dream property, I do not recommend this for the elderly suffering from arthritis or any joint pain. The walk to and from your villa and to other parts of the entire place is really exhausting and there are lots of climbing up and down the stairs.

Another thing I’d like to include in this post is the food they serve. For P1,000.00 ($25), all four of us were full to the fullest and that includes our baby boy. However, I would appreciate if they served foods that you don’t often gets in your stomach in the Metro. We were served Pork Adobo, Daing na Bangus, Bulalo and 4 humongous cups of rice. Nothing surprising, right? I was just expecting for something fresh and nutritious.

To summarize all the activities you can do inside this tangible heaven they have biking, horse back riding for the children, game room (you’d really love this one! this was actually one of our favorite spot, three swimming pools, playground, animal watching and the rest is up to you (e.g. yoga, jogging, tumbling, jumping, and all that ends with -ing)

As much as I wanted to talk, I’ll just let the photos talk for me, okay?


Me, Carlos and Hubby in the Reception Area (Look at those chairs!)


Our beds! Yahoo!


One of the most astonishing bathroom interior I’ve ever seen!


View from our room.


Breakfast is served! One of the four dishes served for our breakfast!


The game/TV room! Gosh! I want to take the TV and couch home!


A wandering peacock!


One of the three swimming pools!


The pavilion! This is where gatherings are held. There’s another one in the making during our stay there.


A private jacuzzi for executive villa guests.


Outside our room!


A huge door separating one side of the garden and the pavilion!


Our other two companions, Joy and Noe.



Our baby had so much fun, too!

 I swear that this place is celestial! I think Deal Grocer is currently offering a day tour to this place. If you want to see more great deals just visit Hurry! They might just take you to Thailand!

Cintai Corito’s Garden

Balete, Batangas

Contact Number: 0917 833 1508

E-mail Address:



How to get there:

via private transport

Take SLEX all the way to STARTOLL EXPRESSWAY (No need to exit SLEX because both highways are connected). Exit Malvar (2nd exit) and turn left after tollbooth. Go straight all the way until the end of the road (National Highway going to Lipa). Go straight and head towards the direction of SM Lipa. When you see a Caltex and Citihardware (both on your right side), turn right (Road to Balete already). Cintai Corito’s Garden is on the left side.

via public transport:

Take bus going to Lipa (via Tabauan City) Get off in Levitown. You may take the tricycle or jeep. Cintai is 6.3 km away from there.